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Vision. Successful Commitment to Extraordinary Excellence & Elegance. Community Change Agent.


An accomplished and successful entrepreneur and community change agent,Terry’s unique combination of skills and expertise has allowed her to develop her own businesses; Spiced Elegance Wedding & Event Planner, a full service wedding and events planning boutique; Epiphany Public Relations, a full-service communications agency and The Sisters Inspiring Sisters Incorporated (The SISI), a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides transportation assistance to cancer patients to get to chemotherapy, radiation and medical appointments toward survivorship. She recently launched "The Signature PEARL" to teach Legacy Principles of Leadership for Empowered & Successful Business, Personal & Community Development! Her amazing ability to capture and masterfully execute the dreams and visions of her clients, deliver memorable elegance, and honor sacred traditions provided an incredible sense of purpose and discovery that led to the discipline that she skillfully practices today.


Elegance came easily into my life as the "leading lady" of my life exemplified it daily. My Mother, Juanita, is my graceful muse and "Elegant Inspiration." She taught me that careful planning and special attention to detail would lead to success in every aspect of my life. I listened to her lessons and followed her example and Spiced Elegance is a direct result of who she is and what she instilled in me and I honor her in everything that I do. She gave me the best of who she is and I am committed to that mantra in all that I do! Thanks Mother!

We carefully deliver special attention to detail in every event that we undertake. Planning the dreams of couples as they prepare to say, "I Do" makes my heart happy. My complete exhaustion at the end of an event is my signature that Spiced Elegance was elegantly successful and another couple has been satisfied and given beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

Spiced Elegance is a labor of love, deliberate consideration and execution. As the dreams of my clients are fulfilled; I am personally and professionally fulfilled. Wow! I am grateful.....


Terry W Spicer, Founder & CEO

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